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Window Styles and Types

For your convenience, we have assembled a list of the various window and door styles with information on how they function. If you are interested in learning more about the different styles of replacement windows for Kearney, MO, and which type would be best for your home, please contact us by email or call 816-628-3368.

Kearney MO Windows

Double Hung Window

Both sashes on Double Hung windows easily lift to open fully, and tilt inward for easy cleaning.

Single Hung Window

Top sash of the window remains fixed, while bottom sash lifts open and tilts in for easy cleaning.

Double Slider Window

This replacement window for Kearney, MO has two sashes that open and close by sliding from side to side.

Single Slider Window

One sash is fixed and does not move, while the other sash opens and closes by sliding from side to side.

3-lite Slider Window

This replacement window for Kearney, MO has a fixed central sash that does not move, while the two sashes on either side open and close by sliding side-to-side.

Casement Window

The sash is hinged on one side of the window, and swings open a full 90-degrees* by turning the crank handle at the base.

Colonial Casement Window

This window operates and provides the same great ventilation as a traditional Casement window, but has a decorative meeting rail to give the look of a Double or Single Hung window.

Awning Window

The sash on this window is hinged at the top and opens outwards when you turn the crank handle at the base.

Picture Window

Picture windows are fixed and do not open or close.

Geometric Windows

Geometric windows are completely fixed replacement windows for Kearney, MO that do not open or close, but are available in a variety of stylish shapes.

Garden Window

Garden Windows extend outwards from the frame of the house and feature functional Casement side lites. They are designed to create a brightly sunlit area to showcase plants or collectibles.

Bay Window

Bay replacement windows near Kearney, MO are created by mulling three windows at either 30- or 45-degree angles that extend outward from the frame of the house.

Bow Window

Bow windows are similar to a Bay Window, but are more rounded in appearance because the 3, 4 or 5 lite windows are mulled at 10-degree angles.

Patio Door

Patio Doors feature broad expanses of glass and easily slide to open and close. Available in 2-, 3- and 4-lite styles.

Garden Door

Garden Doors operate like normal doors--they swing open. Garden Doors can have one fixed door, or both doors can swing in or out.

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